Icons of Toynbee Hall: John Profumo


John Profumo was a politician and social worker. He resigned from the Macmillan government following a scandal in 1963. After his resignation he devoted the last forty years of his life to voluntary work at Toynbee Hall. He raised thousands for our charitable projects and worked tirelessly to promote and support our work.  

By Callum Scowen

When his high-flying political career came to an end, Jack (as he was known to friends) “quietly began work at Toynbee Hall”.  He was a master fundraiser with huge energy and many influential contacts. Over the years he raised thousands of pounds for projects at Toynbee Hall. He also did much to increase the charity’s profile. In 1975 he was awarded a CBE for his work at Toynbee Hall. He went on to become our President. He was proud to be “a cockney by adoption” and continued to work at Toynbee Hall until the week before his death.

To learn more about Profumo’s relationship with Toynbee Hall read the full booklet here.


A photograph of John Profumo in a hat and scout scarf with the Stepney Children's Fund logo on
John Profumo at a Scout Camp organised by Toynbee Hall's Stepney Children's Fund