Toynbee Hall and Housing


From Victorian slums to ‘Streets in the Sky’, discover how Toynbee Hall has intervened in housing, a ubiquitous East End problem. Download the full booklet here.

By Alanna Gluck, Sahar Alamgir and Pau Pak Wan. Edited by Daniel Scales.

Researched and written by three King’s College London students, this booklet gives an insight into the attempts to deal with the housing challenges of East London made by Toynbee Hall and its founders through to the present day. At its core, as a Settlement House, Toynbee Hall is a domestic space, as well as a community space, providing homes on site for its staff and volunteers. But it has sought to find solutions to the challenges faced by the local community, ranging from housing associations and bespoke advice services to research into improved town planning.