The Diaries of Billie Dorothy Didsbury Volume 3

The Diaries of Billie Dorothy Didsbury Volume 3

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Descriptions of life at Toynbee Hall and the work of Citizens Advice Bureau during Second World War. Include details of the work, the atmosphere and the types of enquiries, Billie Didsbury’s thoughts about the war, the bombing, death and the usefulness of the activities of Toynbee Hall. Billie also spent time at the Juvenile Court based at Toynbee Hall, she describes it and discusses the ethical issues. Includes the funeral programme of Dianna Gurney who was the art teacher at the time. Diana Gurney is the Aunt of Penelope Lively the author. The diaries were given to Toynbee Hall by the executor of Billie Didsbury’s estate. 4 Volumes

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[Catalogue reference]: LMA_4683_EXT_01_013_03

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